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16 Lane High Speed Pharmaceutical Counting Machine

16 Lane High Speed Pharmaceutical Counting Machine 7 Days Delivery and In Stock. Counting Accuracy>99.98%, 16 Lane Model Capacity Upper to 100 Bottles/Min. 7*24 Hour Continuous Operation. RICH PACKING Has Produced Tablet Capsule Candy Gummy Counter Counting Machine Since 1993 Years. Factory Area 7996㎡, 28 R&D Engineers and Many Skilled Worker, 365*24 Hour Services For Automatic Counting Machine.

  • Product Name

    DSL 16 H Automatic Counting Machine
  • Product Function:

    Counting Tablet / Capsule / Pill / Candy/Button
  • After-Sales Provided:

    Engineers available to service machinery overseas.
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  • Certification:

    cGMP CE ISO SGS and etc
  • Lead Time:

    7 Days Fast Delivery
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  • Loading Port:

    Yantian, Shenzhen / Yangshan, Shanghai
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16 Lane High Speed Pharmaceutical Counting Machine

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auto capsule counter machine

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tablet counter machine

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Automatic Counter Capsule

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Does the capsule counting machine have more tracks, the faster the counting speed? This problem is actually a precondition. In the case that the equipment can operate well, the total weight of the product to be counted is less than the bearing weight of the automatic counting machine. If the weight of the product exceeds the pressure of the equipment, the larger the number of tracks, it will become a burden, and the normal grain counting speed cannot be played, which should be paid special attention.
Are there many types of automatic pellet counting machines from Guangdong RICH PACKING Co., Ltd.? Our company has automatic electronic counting machines for capsules and tablets, including 4-channel, 8-channel, 12-channel, 24-channel, 32-channel, 48-channel and other specifications of automatic counting machines. We can also carry out customized production, such as counting different materials at the same time to meet the production needs of different customers.
Is the accuracy rate of RICH PACKING Guangdong's automatic particle counting machine high? Our equipment has a number of detection and alarm control functions such as no bottles, automatic rejection of abnormal medicine bottles or broken particles of a certain size, fault self-checking, etc. to reduce the number of errors and leaks, and the accuracy rate is greater than 99.98%. Also above the industry standard.
RICH PACKING Guangdong not only manufactures automatic counting machines, but also tabletting machines, coating machines, capsule filling machines, blister packaging machines, cartoning machines and labeling machines, etc. Customers are welcome to come to consult and choose to buy .

***  Technical parameter

Name Automatic Tablet capsule counting machine DSL-16H

Production capacity

80-100 bottles/min

Net weight of machine


Counting Precision



380/220V    50Hz

Total power


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