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Olive Oil Blister Packing Machine

This machine is based on the improvement of aluminum plastic blister packaging machine, used for solid packaging. Our RQ company reformed the feeder in front of machinery into a feeder specially adding liquid or oil materials. Therefore, dpp160l can be used to put tomato sauce, honey, butter, fish oil and other liquids into the aluminum blister plate.

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    DPP-160L Blister Packing Machine
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    For Pharmaceutical and Food Blister packing
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    Engineers available to service machinery overseas.
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    CE, SGS, ISO, etc
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    Yantian, Shenzhen / Yangshan, Shanghai
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Olive Oil Blister Packing Machine RQ-DPP-160L

This DPP-160L aluminum-plastic packing machine is improved from the aluminum-plastic bubble blister packing machine for packing solids. Our RQ company transformed the feeder at the front end of the machine into a feeder specially for adding liquid or oil-like substances. Thus, DPP160L can be used for ketchup, honey, butter, fish oil and other liquids to be placed into the aluminum blister plate.

liquid blistering machine

blister packing machine

***  Technical parameter

Name DPP-160L liquid blister packing machine

Production capacity

4220 plates/hour

Net weight of machine


After warranty service

video technical support, Online support, Field maintenance and repairing.


380/220V    50Hz

Total power


***  Special liquid material feeder used in dpp160L.

DPP160L is suitable for all kinds of liquid and suspension materials to produce aluminum foam cap machine.

blister packer machine

***  DPP160 use the good servo motors in it.

DPP160L servo motor is more better and can be running stable.

blistering machine packing

***  Dedicated PVE rolling feeding device of dpp160L.

DPP160L through the system control of gas steel valve inflation and deflate to achieve a very simple PVE feeding.


***  Certification: SGS, CE, ISO

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***  Why should choose our's DPP160L blister packing machine?

The outer packing material of DPP160L can be composed of plastic PVC and aluminum foil, or aluminum foil and aluminum foil together. To complete the production of aluminum-plastic packaging by changing different outer packaging, you only need to place different outer packaging materials into the feeder.


The feeder is different from the brush feeder or guideway feeder for solid feeders. The feeder of DPP160L is injection-type or ceramic pump. The feeding precision of DPP160L liquid aluminum foam cap machine is very high, and the production parameters can be directly adjusted by touch in the PLC system.


Therefore, the DPP160L is the preferred aluminum plastic blister machine for pharmaceutical factories, food and ingredient processing and manufacturing plants all over the world. Our company has passed the certification of SGS, ISO and CE, and this 160L aluminum foam cap machine fully meets the production requirements of GMP. If you are interested in this machine, you can contact us directly for more information and purchase.

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