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DPH-260H High Speed Packaging Blister Packing Machine

DPH 260 Blister Packaging Machine | DPH 260 In Stock! 14 Days Delivery | Alu PVC Packing Tablet Capsule | DPH 260 Capacity Up to 48,000plates/h | Door To Door On-Site Service | DPH 260 29 Year Manufacture Experience | Guaranteed For 3 Years | DPH 260 Automatic Blister Packaging Machine For Capsule Tablet Sauce Jam

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    DPH-260 Blister Machine High Speed
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    For Pharmaceutical and Food Blister packing
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    Engineers available to service machinery overseas.
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    cGMP CE ISO SGS and etc.
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    14 Days Fast Delivery
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    Yantian, Shenzhen / Yangshan, Shanghai
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DPH-260H High Speed Packaging Blister Packing Machine By Rich Packing

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blister packaging machine

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At present, the demands for high speed medical and the edible blister boards in mainland China and other emerging markets in the world is increasing. Especially for the purpose of the saving packaging materials, this market potential is increasing. For these reason, our Guangdong Rich Packing Company has specially developed and manufactured the rollers type. DPH-260 blister packaging machine with the ultra-high-speed aluminum aluminum and aluminum plastic the dual purpose heat-sealing method.
The biggest advantages of this high speed blister packaging machine DPH-260 for the ordinary flat-panel machines is that it can easily achieve four times the output of this type of machine. At the same time, in terms of the packaging material saving, more than 10% ofthe packaging materials can be saved, day after day and the year after year, the cost saved is enough to buy the other machine. If you have needs in this regard, the fully consider our DPH-260 is your better choice.
For different materials in the blister boards, we RICH PACKING provide this blister packaging machines with a variety of feeding methods, including the ordinary roller brush type feeding, the ordinary feeding needs can be met; in addition, there are the track type and the vibration incubation type feeders, these are many solutions to the special needs of large pharmaceutical companies.

***  Technical parameter



Production Capacity:

punching 40~200times/min

Maximum Forming Area And Depth


Stroke Range:


Main Motor Power:


Total Power :


Power Supply:


Standard Plate:


PVC Thickness/Width Thickness:

0.15-0.30mm width 230-260 mm

Film outer diameter ≤φ600 mm; Film diameter φ70-76 mm

PET Aluminum Foil Thickness/Width

thickness 0.02-0.03mm;  width 230-260 mm; ;

Film outer diameter ≤φ260 mm;Film diameter φ70-76 mm

Dialysis Paper:


Air Pressure :

0.4-0.6 MPa

Air Consumption:




Cooling Water:

it is recommended to use constant temperature cold water 60L/H

Machine Weight



4,360×1,080×2,100 mm(L×W×H)

***Configuration List


Specification Model


Oil-Free Vacuum Pump

VT4.25  3Ph  0.75/0.9KW


Servo Motor



Servo Motor Software



PLC Main Module



PLC Extension Module



PLC Temperature Control Module



PLC Touch Screen






Color Camera Inspection System



Main Motor (Electromagnetic Brake)



Frequency Converter



Stainless Steel Plate

Cr12 40Cr Gcr15 45# Q235-A


Positioning Cylinder



Double Pressure Reducing Valve



The Electromagnetic Valve



Pressure Reducing Valve



Emergency Button



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The body size data of the 260R aluminum plastic blistering machine is three meters in length, less than 80 centimeters in width, and seven meters in height. According to our understanding of the use of aluminum plastic machines, we have designed a split design for the body of the 260R aluminum plastic machine for customers who have some factories not on the first floor.
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