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RQ-130D Tablet Capsule DeBlister Machine

Deblister machines are designed to safely and efficiently remove tablets or capsules from blister packaging without damaging the medicine. This equipment is critical in the quality control step of the pill production and packaging process, helping to recover high-value medicine from substandard or incorrect packaging. In addition, this machine is also widely used in research laboratories and hospital pharmacies to quickly and accurately remove blisters for easy management and distribution of drugs.

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    RQ-TP-130D Deblister Machine
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    remove tablets capsules from blister without damaging
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    Engineers available to service machinery overseas.
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    cGMP CE ISO SGS and etc.
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The DeBlister machine is an innovative device designed to safely and effectively remove tablets or capsules from their packaging (usually blister packs) without damaging the product. Compared to manual blister removal, the DeBlister machine saves time, improves efficiency, and maintains the integrity of the product. Our this RQ-130D model blistering speed can be up to 125 plates/min.


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The main uses and application areas of alu pvc DeBlister machines include:

1. Pharmaceutical production: In pharmaceutical production lines, DeBlister machines are used to control the quality of drugs. If a drug is found to be defective or incorrectly packaged in a blister package, the capsule DeBlister machine can be used to quickly and accurately remove the drug from the package and then reuse or destroy it.

2. Handling of defective products: In the process of drug production, there are always some products that cannot be sold as final products for various reasons. In this case, the DeBlister machine can play a role and easily separate the drug from the blister package for subsequent processing.

3. Hospital pharmacy: In hospital pharmacies, it is sometimes necessary to remove drugs from blister packages according to the needs of patients and perform personalized prescriptions. At this time, with the help of tablet DeBlister machines, the operation will become more convenient and faster.

4. Pharmaceutical research: pill DeBlister machines are also used in the research and development of drugs. Researchers may need to remove drugs from blister packages for various experiments and tests.

Overall, automatic DeBlister machines play an important role in pharmaceutical production, dispensing, processing and research, greatly increasing flexibility and efficiency.


Machine Type Automatic Deblister Machine
Model RQ-TP-130D
Production 90-120 blisters/min

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