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DPP 160 Pro Blister Packing Machine

DPP 160 Pro, Factory Area 7996 square meter, 28 R&D Engineers, 365*24 Hour turnkey Services For Blister Packing Machine. DPP 160 pro OEM,ODM, Passed GMP, CE, FDA, ISO and the Profession DPP 160 Pro Blister Packaging Packing Machine Manufacturer, core parts Guaranteed For 3 Years. 1 years wearing parts for free to users, Provides DPP 160pro Blister Packing Machine Global Local On-Site Services, 4200 blisters per hour.

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  • Product Name:

    DPP-160Pro Blister Packing Machine
  • Product Function:

    For Pharmaceutical and Food Blister packing
  • After-Sales Provided:

    Engineers available to service machinery overseas.
  • Certification:

    cGMP CE ISO SGS and etc.
  • Lead Time:

    14 Days Fast Delivery
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  • Loading Port:

    Yantian, Shenzhen / Yangshan, Shanghai
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DPP 160 Pro Blister Packing Machine


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Are you still worried about the subsequent installation, the maintenance and the commissioning after purchasing a professional blister packing machine? You might be because you are only consider the price factor at the first of the purchasing but you ignored that you are buying this machinery that will depend on this machine for the profitable production in the future.
So how do you choose a better packaging blister machine that is convenient for you operating, and that don't need to worry about it at the follow up maintenance and cleaning? You need to make the good decision to purchase a good machinery from the following factors.
The first of it is that the quality of the blister packing machine. The excellent material and the reasonable design of it are the first factor that you must considered. So contacting us before you are purchasing the blister machine is the best choice for you. Since RICH PACKING we establishment in 1993, we have been making blister machines for over 29 years.
Secondly, after you purchasing the machinery, you should need it to be used for several years, so the follow-up the after-sales service and maintenance of the blister machine is the second link you should to be paid attention to. Our RICH PACKING after-sales service team is cover the whole world area, and we will provide you with the overseas on-site services in 24 hours when you need to provide services.


***  Technical parameter

model DPP-160Rro
Number of punching 20-50/min
production capacity 36000-72000pcs/h
main motor power 1.1kW
total power 5.5kW
power supply 380V/220V/50Hz
Noise index <75dBA
mold cooling Tap water or circulating water
machine weight 1600 kg
Dimensions 2670×600×1530 mm


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