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Semi Automatic Capsule Making Machine

This CGN series 209 type semi automatic capsule filler machine are made to do the filling capsule work. The 209-CGN can accomplished the hard  hollow type capsules making 40,100 in the a one hour,good to the size of gel capsules from the size 000,00,0,1,2,3,4,to the size 5 by the CGN-209.

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    CGN-209 Semi Automatic Capsule Filling Machine
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    3 Years
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    For Hard Shell Capsule Size 000,00,0,1,2,3,4,5# Filling
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    Engineers available to service machinery overseas.
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    CE, ISO, SGS, etc.
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    Yantian Port, Shenzhen / Yangshan Port, Shanghai
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Semi Automatic Capsule Making Machine

This 209 model of the CGN series semi automatic capsule filler are made to done the work of the filling capsule. 209-CGN can accomplished the making capsules of the hard hollow type to 40,100 per hour,good to the size ofgel shell capsules from the size 000 to the size 5 by CGN-209. 209 models for using in the small scales factory and small pharmacy, and the semi capsule filler will automatic finish the feedings materials by 209, you only need to transfer the seeding tray of 209.

capsule fiiller machinery

capsule filling machine

***  Technical parameter

Name semi automatic CGN 209 capsule filler machine

Production capacity

41,000 pcs/h

Net weight of capsule filling machine

410 Kg

Overall size of machine



380/220 V    50 Hz

Total power

2.22 KW

***  CGN-209’s High Quality Useful Feeding Tray.

It is made of aluminum alloy, With the Strong Hardness and Light quality and also durable.

auto capsule filler

***  CGN-209’s PLC system unit of Siemens.

CGN-209 Equip with Siemens PLC device touch screen operation for convenient using.

semiauto capsule filling machine

***  CGN-209’s Protection Device For Safety.

This 209 CGN capsule sowing protection device and emergency stop device to ensure the safety of the  operator when operate CGN 209.

semi automatic capsule filler

capsule filling company

***  Why choose ours CGN-209 model?

The cgn-209 semi-automatic capsule filling machine is specially designed by our company for small factories and self-employed individuals in some backward countries and regions. The same semi-automatic capsule machine product CGN208 of our company is a machine with a single sowing head, and the output is relatively small. When a customer wants to buy a semi-automatic capsule machine but has a certain demand for output, our CGN209 machine will be more suitable for production than the 208.
CGN209 is improved on the basis of the 208 model and is equipped with two sowing heads, so the production speed is doubled.

capsule filling service

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