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Oil Automatic Filling Capsule Machinery

This capsule filling machinefor hard capsules filling liquid NJY-300C is the profession liquid capsule filling machine line to fill the liquid materials to hard type gelatin capsules by the NJY-300C. The production speed of NJY-300C is to fill 100 capsules in one min. NJY-300C is suitable for the all capsules of 000,00,0,1,2,3,4,5 size. Rich packing’s NJY300C is mostly used in all around the worlds.

  • Product Name

    NJPY-300C Liquid Capsule Filling Machine
  • Certification

    CE, ISO, SGS, etc.
  • Lead Time

    In Stock 7 Days Fast Delivery.
  • Loading Port

    Yantian Port, Shenzhen / Yangshan Port, Shanghai
  • Product Function:

    For Hard Shell Capsule Size 000,00,0,1,2,3,4,5# Filling
  • After-Sales Provided:

    Engineers available to service machinery overseas.
  • Warranty:

    3 Years
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  • Product Detail

Oil Automatic Filling Capsule Machinery NJY-300C

This for hard capsules filling oils capsule filling machinery NJY-300C type is the high quality oil liquid capsule filling machine for filling the liquid oil materials to hard type gelatin capsules by NJY-300C. The working speed of NJY-300C isto make 100 capsules in the one min.This NJY-300C is suit to fill kinds of capsules in the 000,00,0,1,2,3,4,5 size.The NJY300C of our Rich packing is mostly used in all the worlds.

***  Applications

capsule filling auto

capsule filling

***  Technical parameter

Name NJY-300C liquid capsule filling machine

Production capacity

18000 pcs /h


380/220 V    50 Hz

***  NJY-300C’s High-precision detection system

Thisprecision detection system in NJY-300C will detect onlineto check whether the capsule cap is in place andthe systemwillautomaticallyrejection the bad type.

capsule filler

***  NJY-300C’s high quality materials

All parts of the contact with the drugin NJY-300Care made of stainless steel 316 material and the waste-removing device uses 7 series aluminum alloys in NJY-300C.

auto capsule filler

***  NJY-300C’s theexclusives double-sealed.

The first sealin NJY-300CusestheNBR butt rubberand thesecond sealin NJY-300Cuses the imported SIL silicone rubber seal. 

liquid capsule filling

capsule filling company

***  Why choose ours NJY-300C model?

The njy300C capsule filling machine is designed and manufactured by RQ's factory to integrate the entire capsule filling machine industry chain. This Njy300C is a type C machine tool that has undergone many upgrades and transformations, which is specially designed for filling liquid materials into hard shell capsules. It is specially designed for aluminum-plastic packaging machines for special materials such as fish oil and turbid liquid materials.

Customers can use the Njy300C single capsule filling machine to operate, or it can be combined with other supporting machinery to form a liquid filling capsule filling machine production line.

capsule filling service

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